One-on-One Personal Training Sessions:
Athletic Performance programs include techniques to increase power, speed and agility.  We use a large arsenal of tools to meet your goals.  Whatever your sport, we will design a program that meets your performance needs.

Personal Fitness programs are designed to improve overall fitness, body image and weight management.  Each program is specific to the client's individual needs and includes cardiovascular, muscle, balance and flexibility components.

Pilates Method; applying the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates to improve overall body control, strength, flexibility and balance. Pilates is an alternative method of body conditioning and includes use of the Reformer, Stability Chair, Spine Correctors and other modalities. 

TRX(r) Suspension training was developed for Navy Seals to keep strong and ready for action, anytime, any place.  It is an outstanding dynamic, functional training program.  Clients learn to maximize their strength and coordination in the way the body is meant to perform.  "All core all the time". 

Clinical/Advance Health programs are designed to help clients work with special health considerations or limitations.  Every client is encourged to move continuously towards optimum health by combining individual potential with a realistic approach to health and fitness.

Tai Chi Chuan an ancient art described as “meditation in motion” and uses gentle flowing movements to reduce stress and improve health.

Group Class Schedule:
Monday           8:00am     Low Impact Aerobics/SilverSneakers(r)
                      9:00am     Yoga
                      5:00pm     TRX(r) Suspension Training

Tuesday​          5:30pm      Mat Pilates/Yoga 

Wednesday    8:00am       Low Impact Aerobics/SilverSneakers(r)                                                 9:00am       TRX(r) Suspension Training
                     5:00pm      ​ TRX(r) Suspension Training

Thursday        5:30pm       TRX(r) Suspension Training

Friday             8:00am      Aerobic/Stretch & Relax
                      9:00am      Mat Pilates Fundamentals

Independent Facility Use
Individuals may use the facility independently at anytime.  All independent work is unsupervised.  When the first punch card is purchased, the client will receive one personal training session  for instructions on the equipment and a base level program.  At anytime the client may schedule a one-on-one training session to change or modify his exercise program.